Using Product Mapping to Assist in Windows Server Datacenter Migration
November 21, 2017

The Challenge

A US company specializing in gunfire detection and location technology, was contacted by Accordo to help them optimize their software assets through a license verification process. Through the discussions, Accordo identified that the organization was due to renew its server software infrastructure. Accordo saw the opportunity to help optimize operations and provided guidance toward a Windows Server Datacenter Core Technology option that would benefit the customer through efficiency and cost savings.

Partnering for Success

Accordo’s Sales Enablement Team (SET) worked with the partner of choice, SHI, to fully understand their IT portfolio and goals. The organization’s server infrastructure had been a clustered environment, and Accordo was able to determine that migrating to a datacenter solution not only transformed the platform into a more productive solution, but also was more cost effective. Because of their current setup, the organization was paying for redundant hosting licenses that could be consolidated through the datacenter solution. An added benefit of this alternative licensing structure was the ability to scale for future growth.

Strategic Process

The SET produced a comprehensive mapping report to clearly identify the difference between cluster solution options and datacenter options for this particular server infrastructure. This demonstrated measurable value in the conversation with the customer, and illustrated tangible improvements between the options presented for both short- and long-term decisions being made for the company. Bottom line, the SET provided advice to the customer that resulted in a cost savings of more than $26,500 USD through the proposed solution, and we helped the customer understand how they arrived at that outcome.
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