Surfacing opportunities with customers using Accordo Cloud Optimizer for Office 365
September 22, 2019

Surfacing opportunities with customers using
Accordo Cloud Optimizer for Office 365

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In an industry where change is ongoing, All Systems Go Managing Director Tim Adams is always looking for opportunities, tools, and platforms to help reduce costs, increase profitability, create differentiation, and accelerate revenue streams. All while delivering first-class customer service.

With accelerated adoption of Office 365 across existing and new customers, All Systems Go needed improved visibility into Office 365 licensing, usage, and consumption across their customer base. Armed with this information, they can work with each customer to optimize their cloud investments to discover revenue opportunities, and strengthen customer relationships.


Guided by their commitment to constantly improve and future-proof every aspect of their business, All Systems Go selected Accordo Cloud Optimizer for Office 365 to provide insights into their Office 365 business and ensure customers realize optimal value from their Office 365 investments. With Accordo Cloud Optimizer, All Systems Go now has clear visibility into license usage across their customers. With these insights, All Systems Go can proactively improve customer investment, increase productivity, and build greater customer loyalty.

Customer Engagement Success Story

One of All Systems Go’s unmanaged customers is a small property manager that comes and goes as a client. Recently, they got in touch with All Systems Go about a break-fix situation involving an emergency server backup and restore issues.

Like many smaller, inactive customers, the property management firm wasn’t good at communicating, which meant that All System Go did not have current insights into their licensing. In the course of resolving the server issue, All Systems Go linked the customer’s Office 365 licensing and consumption data into Accordo Cloud Optimizer.

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