Streamlining Applications Through Cloud Solutions
December 20, 2017

The Challenge

A Canadian organization that makes wireless communication products, was engaged by Accordo’s Sales Enablement Team (SET) for a standard License Verification Process (LVP) and in the process of doing so, the SET identified the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of a companywide conversion to Office365.

Partnering for Success

Once the SET realized that the organization would benefit from adoption of cloud services, Accordo partnered with Dell, the customer’s partner of choice, to consult with them on what Cloud Solutions were available for consideration. The customer was using various versions and editions of Microsoft Office (Office Pro, Plus, and Standard and years ranging from 2003-2013) causing the IT infrastructure to be costly with a lack of standardization, ultimately causing IT personnel additional strife. Some of these purchased licenses were not even being used anymore. By partnering with Dell, the SET team was able to educate the customer on the features of Office365 that would modernize the organization’s workplace and create operational efficiencies. From a cost perspective, the SET helped the customer identify what software they would actually use in order not to pay for excess as they had been doing.

Strategic Process

Once licensing gaps were identified through Accordo’s LVP engagement, the organization had a self-imposed sense of urgency to finalize the strategic plan for their productivity software. Therefore, it was key to help the customer understand the alternatives available to them. This is how the SET added value to this consultation, leveraging analytical data to illustrate and quantify advantages of converting to cloud services.
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