We leverage people, data, and processes to enable cloud conversion

With two decades of experience engaging customers on behalf of software and cloud services providers, we have helped drive customer license optimization and cloud transformation. We have a proven remote consulting services approach at scale with experience in over 40 countries.

We help your customers understand cloud benefits through consultation and tailored assessments

With twenty-years experience and over 1 million customer engagements under our belt, we know that organizations need help in understanding what software they have, what they use and what they need.

And, with hybrid IT environments, organizations need even more help understanding the myriad of options facing them as they transform and optimize their IT spend. They need support to make the right decisions as they plan for immediate and future IT requirements.

Optimize existing use of cloud (cost savings) – 64%
Move more workloads to cloud – 53%
Expand use of containers – 39%
Implement a cloud-first strategy – 39%
Automated policies for governance – 35%
Better financial reporting on cloud costs – 35%
Enable IT to broker cloud services – 20%

sources: RightScale 2019 State of the Cloud Report, Flexera

Our team: Our consultants, analysts, and solution technologists remotely and cost-effectively engage organizations to penetrate a larger segment than can be typically touched using on-site engagements or internal sales teams.

Our service: We use time-tested processes, tools and technology, and customer engagement strategies, and assessments to deliver on our clients’ key performance objectives.

Our practice areas: We work with your teams to create tailored solutions to engage with your customers at scale to meet your success targets. Our engagement specialties include cloud optimization assessments and software license review and optimization.

Our results: Given today’s culture of dynamic change and digital transformation, customer organizations welcome the opportunity to have an analysis and plan presented to them to help their IT spend and decision-making. We make that happen.

We use assessments to help customers understand cloud benefits

Organizational Goal: Help reduce our onsite servers

“Breaking down the ‘what made sense to migrate’, helped us understand what we wanted to achieve.”    

We help customers rationalize and optimize their licensing

Organizational Challenge: Starting is always the hardest

“Better understanding of where we stand and where we would like to be.”    

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