Accordo Cloud Optimizer for Office 365

Accordo Cloud Optimizer for Office 365 saves you time and resources by optimizing client Office 365 license spend and identifying new opportunities to build additional cloud revenue.

Other tools give you lots of data to sift through on your own. Accordo Cloud Optimizer make sense of this data by aggregating, analyzing and exposing key opportunities such as reallocating Office 365 spend across other cloud services.

Get dynamic visibility across all clients

With Microsoft Partner Center integration, connect your clients and view Office 365 license, usage and consumption data analytics. Cloud data changes constantly so you’ll always have the single source of truth. Opportunities are highlighted at-a-glance across your client base. Zero in on the best clients to engage with to optimize and improve their cloud spend.

Unlock spend for security initiatives

Are you wasting time logging in to each client’s Office 365 Security Dashboard to see their Microsoft Secure Score? The Secure Score Index does all the hard work for you by pulling all your client data into one simple bar chart. This allows quick identification of the clients to engage with on new initiatives to improve their security posture and helps you better support your clients.

View client business growth trends at-a-glance

Do you find out too late when important clients are reducing spend? Can you see when clients are growing and presenting opportunities for expanding service? The Growth Widget is updated daily and acts as your automated client growth analyst with historical and forecasted trend lines of your client’s Office 365 licenses. Now, you can plan ahead with the right proactive service to maximize your revenues.

Build a sales plan for new and existing clients

Proactively manage and optimize your clients’ Office 365 licenses, cloud storage, and consumption. Our license analytics drill down functionality is great for on-boarding new clients, interacting with unmanaged customers, or building sales plans ahead of your managed service engagement with existing clients.

Expose any billing discrepancies with PSA integration

Do you juggle multiple systems to report and reconcile billing, often only to find revenue leakage going back months? The PSA integration feature connects with your client’s dynamic Office 365 data to reconcile billing daily and let you know when you’re missing out. Even when no discrepancies are detected, the report can be used to review O365 licensing and billing for all added clients and products.

Accelerate your managed services and trusted advisor reputation

You can tap into the automated recommendations that are ranked by impact so that you can take action on to drive client engagement.  Recommendations cover unassigned Office 365 subscriptions for spend reallocation to reduce revenue risk as well as ways to grow your business with other pull through consulting projects.

What Our Customers
Are Saying

From the moment we logged into the trial, we were
able to quickly launch, load our customers and use
Accordo Cloud Optimizer to reveal overprovisioning
and potential savings. Cloud Optimizer opened our
eyes to what we were spending and underbilling.

Lorentz Hinrichsen
Wulf Consulting

What Our Customers
Are Saying

Accordo Cloud Optimizer is the third-party auditor
in the room helping us make the best investment
for our customers.

Tim Adams
All Systems Go Ltd.

What Our Customers
Are Saying

We see Accordo Cloud Optimizer as an engine for
sustainable growth, and how we look after our
clients’ investments and utilization of Office 365.
Cloud Optimizer expands our service offerings.

Greg Sharp
Base 2