Accordo Cloud Optimizer for Office 365 features:

  • View Office 365 clients individually and in aggregate

  • Manage licenses and optimize client spend

  • Quickly evaluate client Secure Scores and apply relevant improvement actions

  • Drive client engagements through actionable insights

Tier 1

201 – 2,500 Active Users

Tier 2

2,501 – 10,000 Active Users

Tier 3

10,001 + Active Users

For clients managed in Accordo Cloud Optimizer, the Active User count is based on the total quantity of users that have one or more assigned Office 365 licenses.

A minimum fee of US $60 (US $120) applies for up to 200 active users

If you manage more than 25,000 users, please Contact Us


2,600 active users = $775/mo (200 at $60 + 2,300 * .30 + 100 * .25)

With our tiered pricing model, as you grow and add more active users, your cost per user will decrease in each new tier.

If you are not sure how the pricing model works, or for any other questions or information, please Contact Us.