Preventing downtime for a construction company
July 1, 2019

The Challenge

An innovative construction company in the US, was engaged by Accordo’s Sales Enablement Team (SET) for a standard License Verification Process (LVP). The challenge uncovered by the SET was to gain a thorough understanding of the organization’s use of virtual machines within its server environment to establish the best strategy for this customer’s software infrastructure moving forward.

Partnering for Success

Accordo partnered with Dell, the organization’s partner of choice, to consult with them on their use of “High Availability” Clusters, an element of Windows Server that uses virtualization to prevent downtime. The organization had been using Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012 R2 editions, and the SET saw an opportunity to highlight the “fail over” benefits of the Windows Server Datacenter alternative solution that would achieve a streamlined licensing approach for the customer’s software infrastructure and digitally transform their IT environment for maximum connectivity and continuity.

Strategic Consultation

The key to this engagement was the Accordo team asking the right questions in order to be able to educate the customer on the benefits of the Datacenter solution, about which they were unaware. The SET helped the organization understand the best ways to use High Availability Clusters to get a high return on investment from their new software relative to older solutions.
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