Planting the seed for cloud solutions in the food industry
July 12, 2018

The Challenge

A mid-sized Canadian organization dedicated to providing great tasting, high quality food products to the retail market engaged with Accordo once they were identified by data-science technology as having the opportunity to upgrade software in their IT infrastructure. Accordo’s Sales Enablement Team (SET) initiated an end-to-end, turnkey discussion with both the customer and their partner of choice to discuss the company’s use of Windows Server virtualization as the customer was under-licensed. The SET embarked upon an upsell sales conversation regarding conversion of on-premise desktop software to Office365, enabling digital transformation by modernizing software systems.

Partnering for Success

Accordo’s SET partnered with the customer’s local reseller for most of the engagement while addressing licensing shortfalls. The customer’s software infrastructure included 841 Windows Server 2012 CALs and they were under-licensed by 117 instances of Office Standard 2010, among other Microsoft products such as Project, Visio, and Exchange. The SET provided a comprehensive Server Explanation Document (SED) and brought in Accordo’s Enhanced Services Analytics Team to help the customer understand their licensing estate and options. Accordo was able to provide the reseller with a “quick win” for their customer to rectify licensing shortfalls.
The SET strategically brought in a cloud service provider (CSP) towards the end of the engagement, CDW, to recommend cloud solutions as a longer-term solution. They identified the opportunity for 769 users to migrate to Office365 as well as a conversion from Windows Server Standard to the Datacenter solution, both of which solutions would reduce operational costs and increase efficiencies for a sustainable growth plan.

Because of the SET’s expertise in this consultation and high confidence level that cloud solutions would optimize the customer’s operations, they invited the customer to engage in a “test run” of cloud solutions with CDW so that the longer-term solution could be established.

Strategic Consultation

Accordo quickly identified that this customer was working with a different IT professional for each of their disparate software needs, and they needed to simplify. The value that Accordo offered in this situation was providing recommendations in alignment with one single partner, CDW, so the customer could build a lasting relationship for all their software asset management (SAM) needs. The SET not only educated the customer about actionable insights regarding the existing software infrastructure, but they also generated a significant lead for the partner based on an imminent cloud migration over the coming twelve months.
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