Opening doors to new clients and new security services
October 20, 2019


When you’ve been voted New Zealand’s #1 Managed Services Provider, you have
a big reputation to uphold. That’s not a problem for Base 2. They pride themselves
on being their customers trusted advisor, with a razor-sharp focus on providing value
every step of the way. Accordo Cloud Optimizer for Office 365 fits right into their
customer approach by giving them the visibility and insights that improve business
outcomes – theirs, and their customers.

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Cloud Optimizer helps build long-term customer relationships

In the past, Base 2 had no way of tracking Office 365 utilization, making it difficult
to pull needed data and hard to get insights that could help them guide the customer
decision making on licensing plans.
Now, they can draw upon Accordo Cloud Optimizer to help them provide customer-specific
recommendations on how to get the most from Office 365 investments. Base
2 is able to provide valuable insights that build long-lasting relationships, showing
that they are more of a trusted partner looking after their customers’ investments

Providing actionable insights for proactive engagement

One way Base 2 provides more value is through regular communications with
customers. And Accordo Cloud Optimizer for Office 365 helps them have better,
more informed conversations with clients.
For example, at one customer, Base 2 was able to identify employees who were
no longer using cloud services. As it turns out, the employees were no longer at
the firm. Bringing these potential cost savings to the customer’s attention helped
reinforce the value Base 2 provides. “With this tool, we realized we can track
the utilization of Office 365 and give recommendations to clients that could be
upselling, but could also be saving them money,” said Sharp.

Opens doors to more managed services, and more sales

After integrating Accordo Cloud Optimizer for Office 365 in their portfolio, Base 2
quickly realized its potential as a sales tool. Existing and potential customers alike
value the insights Base 2 provides, opening the door to new services and greater
recurring revenue.

And because security is an important part of Base 2’s offerings, the addition of
Secure Score Index to Accordo Cloud Optimizer for Office 365 provides even
more potential, since it allows Base2 to easily identify new security improvement
opportunities across their customer base.

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