Educating a Small Business on Superior Server Capabilities
November 17, 2017

The Challenge

A small accounting organization with 55 employees based in Australia, was intercepted from a standard Tele-compliance at Scale engagement because Accordo’s Sales Enablement Team (SET) identified the opportunity for a server upsell discussion, and our challenge was to help the customer optimize operations by implementing a more flexible server infrastructure.

Partnering for Success

The SET worked with this organization’s of choice to qualify the way in which Windows 2008 Servers (both physical and virtual) were being used in the organization’s virtualized environment. Because of the way in which the servers were deployed, the SET was able to educate and recommend assistance to move forward with a compliant software position as well as an improved server environment for possible short-term growth.

Strategic Process

In this scenario, our astute analysis of this organization’s IT infrastructure and our strategic partnership with allowed us to convey sufficient information to the customer in order to make an educated decision about enhancing its server environment with the security and business continuity our solution provided.
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