Distributor Change Highlights Need for Greater Visibility into Customers
August 30, 2019

Surfacing opportunities with customers using
Accordo Cloud Optimizer for Office 365

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Owned and operated by Lorentz Hinrichsen, Wulf Consulting’s success is fueled by 30 years of expertise and a proactive approach to supporting their customers. When Wulf transitioned to a new distributor to gain better integration and simplify Office 365 billing, guesswork was not an option. Without real-time visibility into their Office 365 customers, license usage, and consumption trends, Wulf risked paying for unused licenses


Rather than adding to his expenses, Lorentz chose Accordo Cloud Optimizer to simplify license management, ensure nothing is wasted, and increase profit margins. By combining dynamic visibility across their Office 365 customers with predictive analytics and actionable insights, Wulf is in a better position to serve customers proactively, optimize cloud spend, and identify new revenue streams.

Customer Engagement Success Story

Within minutes of signing in and loading their customers, Wulf gained peace of mind, dynamic visibility, and insight into customers that cost them the most, users that have not signed in, and opportunities to sell more.

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