Challenging a Manufacturing Company to See the Value of Cloud Services
November 20, 2017

The Challenge

Based on a standard renewals discussion when an Enterprise Agreement was nearing the end of its contract, Accordo’s Sales Enablement Team (SET) was challenged to present new options to migrate software to the Cloud for this mid-sized hydraulics manufacturer. The organization was expecting to continue doing business as usual by renewing the set of licenses they had been using for years, but Accordo helped them bring about a digital transformation by developing a hybrid model of on-premise and Cloud software for this customer’s software infrastructure.

Partnering for Success

The Accordo Sales Enablement Team (SET) generated a License Ownership Position (LOP) that identified products for renewal as well as upsell opportunities in the organization’s clustered server environment. We facilitated conversations with the publisher’s Partner Solutions Expert (PSE) and the customer’s preferred partner, Long View. Through this process the SET assisted this customer to better understand its publisher’s software installed-base. The customer moved from a full on-premise license environment to a hybrid cloud-based solution to modernize the workplace.

Strategic Process

Because of Accordo’s intrinsic search for opportunities, we took a standard license verification review to the next level and worked with Long View to provide the customer with a big picture perspective on long-term software asset management (SAM) through the consideration of Cloud services. The SAM Opportunity manager within the SET was a key player in discovering how to bridge the gap between on-premise software and Cloud services. Ultimately, this deal resulted in significant revenue for all stakeholders in the sales process.
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