Adopting Cloud Solutions to Scale an IT Environment
June 2, 2017

The Challenge

Accordo conducted a license baseline assessment on behalf of its customer with an independent energy company and observed a very complex architectural server environment within this SMB organization. The company wanted to demystify the product use rights around virtualized servers and to develop a software license plan to support their IT infrastructure strategy. The solution to this challenge would ultimately become a hybrid model of cloud and on-premise solutions.

Partnering for Success

The Accordo Sales Enablement Team (SET) was engaged to bring expert licensing advice to the customer. We facilitated conversations with the publisher’s Partner Solutions Expert (PSE) and the customer’s preferred partner, The IT Team Limited. Through this process the SET assisted this customer to better understand its publisher’s software installed-base. Accordo discovered gaps in the license compliance position and identified an opportunity to transition to a cloud solution. The customer moved from a full on-premise license environment to a hybrid cloud-based solution and has continued to grow its cloud computing environment.

Strategic Process

By leveraging Accordo’s systems and reporting we detected that this customer needed to simplify software assets through cloud technology. Facilitating conversations with the Accordo SET, key publisher personnel, and the partner, we were collectively able to better understand the customer’s challenges and deliver true value by significantly reducing IT environment complexities through cloud solutions.
Customer Quote:
“Thanks for your help during this process, what seemed like a complex process turned out to be better than I thought!”
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