Accordo Group Launches New Technology Platform AccordoINSIGHTS
March 28, 2019
AUCKLAND, New Zealand – March 28, 2019

Accordo Group, a global B2B leader in technology lifecycle management, announced today the launch of AccordoINSIGHTS, a technology enablement platform providing software publishers and their channel partners the necessary tools to support their customers’ cloud transformation journey.

With businesses of all sizes worldwide considering cloud migration, AccordoINSIGHTS provides comprehensive visibility into a customer’s software estate. AccordoINSIGHTS enables customers to take action with cybersecurity and GDPR risk mitigation, value-based cost optimization and modeling for a successful path into the new hybrid world.

“In order to navigate any technology journey safely and efficiently, businesses need to know where they currently are, where they are going, and what challenges they are likely to face,” said Eric Martorano, CEO of Accordo Group. “AccordoINSIGHTS enables customers to successfully optimize their investments providing clear visibility into their environment while mitigating risks and initiating a successful journey to the cloud.”

AccordoINSIGHTS contains features like Cloud Optimizer, a single view for customers to optimize cloud usage and associated costs, ensuring they get the most out of their investment. Cloud Optimizer provides customers greater visibility to drive increased efficiencies through actionable recommendations.

The AccordoINSIGHTS technology enablement platform includes customer benefits such as:

  • Improved time management by centralizing all product, installation and subscription information in one place
  • Reducing risks by highlighting security gaps and vulnerabilities for out-of-support products and upcoming agreement expirations
  • Saving costs by identifying ways to optimize software investments and controlling spend through visibility and indicative spend indicators
  • Tailored insights to influence and support the customer’s migration to the cloud via a cloud transformation plan

On-demand advice through an in-app chat supported by Accordo’s dedicated Product Specialists team

About Accordo Group

Accordo Group is a global technology lifecycle management company developing data science and machine learning driven applications to help organizations optimize their technology utilization and increase productivity. Combining the power of deep industry knowledge and data science, Accordo makes it easier for organizations to manage their technology assets. Their dedicated team of sales professionals, product specialists and technology advisors are on hand to drive customer success for publishers, partners and customers.

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