Accordo Group Announces New Worldwide Headquarters in New Zealand
December 4, 2018

Encompasses Traditional Māori Blessing and Authentic Opening Ceremony

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

AUCKLAND, New Zealand – December 4,

2018 – Accordo Group, a leading technology lifecycle management company, announced today that it has formally opened its new headquarters on Apollo drive in Auckland, New Zealand, marking a new chapter in Accordo’s evolving history.

With recently appointed CEO and Board Member Eric Martorano, Accordo‘s new global headquarters is one of many new beginnings on the Company’s “Journey to Greatness,” as Martorano is focused on the continued growth and expansion in support of its clients and their customers worldwide.

“This moment represents a significant milestone in Accordo’s history,” said Martorano. “We are focused on fulfilling our purpose of enabling people and organizations to succeed. The traditional and authentic Māori Blessing and Pōwhiri we experienced today symbolizes that new beginning for Accordo in a very meaningful way.”

Accordo’s new building was blessed with a traditional Māori ceremony performed with the rising of the sun to signify He ra hou (new day), awakening Papatūānuku (mother earth). The blessing was led by Kaumatua (Māori Elders) of local iwi (tribe), who performed Karakia’s (Māori Prayers) and Waiata’s (Māori Songs).  Accordo was gifted kōhatu (a sacred stone) to allow everyone within the Accordo whanau (family) to “touch this” and place their spirit within the stone, which is very symbolic to the people of the land. Following the blessing ceremony was the Pōwhiri (the formal opening ceremony) which signified two groups coming together as one.

About Accordo Group

Accordo Group is a global technology lifecycle management company leveraging big data analytics and innovative technology to help businesses retain and grow their customers. Operating in more than 20 countries around the world, Accordo helps organizations to optimize its technology utilization and increase productivity. Combining the power of business analytics and data science, Accordo makes it easier for organizations to manage their technology assets with a dedicated team of sales professionals, product specialists and technology advisors. For more information, please visit: or connect on LinkedIn or Twitter

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