A Future Focus on Sustainability
June 2, 2017

The Challenge

Accordo engaged with one of North America’s leading manufacturers of high-end cabinetry on behalf of a software publisher customer because the organization wanted to ensure a sustainable IT environment via the most cost-effective solution available. We aligned with the organization’s “Partner of Choice,” in this case Dell Corporation, to present a new proposed IT infrastructure for consideration and to determine the right licensing and cloud mix for its needs.

Partnering for Success

The Accordo Sales Enablement Team (SET) engaged this organization in an assessment of their licensing baseline, and quickly identified that there was a potential high value revenue opportunity through our SET Sales Pipeline Report (identifying customers quickly with significant licensing gaps). We recognized several licensing gaps across multiple publisher products within the organization’s existing environment. The Accordo SET collaborated with a Licensing Product Specialist (Sales) from Dell Corporation, and through this alignment we were able to initiate conversations regarding possible solutions to consider. By analyzing how this organization was utilizing servers within its complex, virtualized, clustered server environment, the SET used expertise to advise about cloud (a cross-sell opportunity) as well as server upsell opportunities.  Dell Corporation also came out a winner thanks to the collaborative nature of the project.

Strategic Process

The key to our strategic process in this case was the “SET Sales Pipeline Report” through which we extracted and expedited this high-value account on behalf of our software publisher customer through the licensing baseline assessment process. We quickly qualified the opportunity through licensing gaps and incremental spend using installation data obtained through the process. Because of our precise analysis and expert consultation regarding the publisher’s product’s licensing options, Accordo closed a six-figure deal on behalf of our customer, and improved the way this company would function in the long-run through software asset management.
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