Finding Cloud Solutions to Reconcile Software Inconsistencies
December 20, 2017

The Challenge

A small Canadian organization that manages 35 affiliated medical associations, engaged with Accordo in a tele-compliance campaign. The Sales Enablement Team (SET) discovered that there were numerous inconsistencies within the organization’s software environment including disparate software versions, some old and some more current. The challenge was to help them increase consistency, software integration, and thus, stability, enabling digital transformation by modernizing the organization’s software systems.

Partnering for Success

Accordo’s SET partnered with Dell, to focus on the customer’s server environment where there was an apparent need for an upgrade. Together, they created a server report to educate the customer about the difference between the current server environment versus alternative options to update their systems. Analysts focused on the virtualized clustered element of the existing server environment to identify means of optimizing operations, and a datacenter solution became the resulting recommendation to increase efficiency overall. As part of the value-add that the SET brings to Accordo’s engagement, they also identified an opportunity to upsell to Office365 to adopt a 100% cloud services platform, which helped this organization to modernize the workplace.

Strategic Process

It was Accordo’s proprietary data-science, based on historical agreement data, that identified a propensity for this customer to benefit from cloud solutions. The analysis that was done by the SET, diving deep into the organization’s software infrastructure, was therefore well received by the customer because the timing and opportunity for cloud solutions was just right based on Accordo’s predictive analytics showing this organization was due for an upgrade. The symbiotic partnership between the SET and Dell was the final piece of the puzzle as they helped close the deal. Ultimately, the customer was pleased with the new software solutions that would empower employees to conduct business more effectively.
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